Cleveland Marathon

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Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th

Are you a runner? Sign up for the Cleveland Marathon this spring. Join HF&G’s Team People for Trees and connect with our staff, volunteers, members, and other nature lovers!

Race options: Full marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k

Register to run

Why participate?

Race with other nature lovers and get to know our staff, volunteers and members!

Support the mission of Holden Forests & Gardens. All participants will receive a unique fundraising link. Family, friends and co-workers can support your run by donating.

Receive a matching Team People for Trees t-shirt to wear on race day!

As a race participant, receive an exclusive HF&G discount code, which we are asking registrants to consider donating back to our organization through the registration process. 

Not a runner? There are great opportunities to volunteer and still be involved. Explore our volunteer opportunities here. If you’re interested in helping us fundraise around this opportunity, please reach out to Ellie Rial at [email protected] to learn more. No fundraising experience is necessary.

Here’s more to explore at Cleveland Botanical Garden

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