Debra H. Guren and Ruth Swetland Eppig Galleries

Explore your artistic side.

The Garden’s Eppig and Guren Galleries feature work by regional artists, with exhibitions rotating regularly from spring through fall each year.

Criteria for artwork is that it fulfills our mission to connect people with the wonder, beauty, and value of trees and plants.

Many of the artworks are available for sale through our Garden Store.

Upcoming Exhibitions

June 8 – July 25, 2021 
Sequoia Bostick  

Sequoia Bostick has made her career out of drawing dream-like figures, cute and playful, that bring stories to life. She has written and illustrated several children’s books, and we are proud to exhibit some of her drawings that feature people interacting with plants in everyday, but always joyous, ways.

Late June (Final dates TBD)
Gold Mining in El Choco: Colombia by Steven Cagan and Mary Kelsey  

 This multimedia exhibition combines photography, drawings and text to explore the large-scale extraction mining operations in the El Choco region in Colombia and the threats it poses to indigenous people and the natural environment. This exhibit is a solidarity project carried out through an active collaboration with the affected communities. 

June 9 – July 25, 2021 

Black Grass: Rachel Yurkovich 

Rachel Yurkovich’s multimedia exhibit focuses on the natural life that thrives within the abandoned remnants of humanity of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, a 30km perimeter around the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster in the Ukraine. Despite the harmful levels of lingering radiation, a wildlife sanctuary is thriving and bursting in this once populated city remains. 

July 27-Sept 12, 2021  
Dawn Hopkins 

Dawn Hopkins gets much of her inspiration from the beauty of creation and capturing moments in time such as a sunset, or a butterfly fluttering over a leaf. This series of work were mostly painted form photographs taken at the Cleveland Botanical Garden and other natural areas throughout Northeast Ohio. 

July 28 – Sept 12, 2021 
OUTSIDE IN: Barbara Bryn Klare  

Barbara Bryn Klare’s collection of over 300 individual pieces each includes an element from nature paired with human-made elements such as fabric and/or thread. Her work is about conservation, treading lighting, being a guest, with nature taking the lead in this delicate dance – as well as the small moments in every day.  

Sept 14 – Nov 7, 2021 
David Kendrick Chittock 

 David Kendrick Chittock is a conservationist, writer, and photographer who focuses his camera and storytelling in the complicated and fascinating space between people and nature. His photographs have appeared in outdoor magazines such as American Angler and The Fly Fish Journal.  

Sept 14 – Nov 7, 2021 
Christopher Owen Smith  

Description: Christopher Owen Smith explores all types of artistic mediums including charcoal, graphite, painting, ceramics, photography, mixed media collages, and printmaking.  What binds his work together is a loyalty to trying to understand our human condition in, and out of, nature.  

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