Guren and Swetland-Eppig Galleries

Explore your artistic side.

The Garden’s Eppig Gallery features work by regional artists, with exhibitions rotating regularly from spring through fall each year.

Criteria for artwork is that it fulfills our mission to connect people with the wonder, beauty, and value of trees and plants.

Many of the artworks are available for sale through our Garden Store.

Amy Mothersbaugh’s watercolor art exhibit

Alit:  verb. A rare past tense, meaning  to come down from the air and rest.

Eppig Gallery

Now through June 26th

This exhibit is named ‘Alit’, because to Amy Mothersbaugh, the butterflies and bugs signify hope, that when they land for just a moment ready to collect nectar and fly off again, they act with faith there will be another to alit upon as needed. 

Ten butterfly wreaths were specifically created to show at Cleveland Botanical Garden. They are composed of butterflies, moths, beetles and scorpion. Many of the butterflies in this art show are the same butterflies released into the Costa Rica biome.

“I have spent the past few years on my farm in Cuyahoga Falls, inspired and soothed by nature in ways I’d love to help others discover through my art.”

Mothersbaugh as an artist known in the Akron area and owned and operated her own art gallery, Studio 2091 in Cuyahoga Falls, for nine years. She has been Akron Zoological Parks’ muralist since 2011 and created a body of watercolor art after studying private collections of bugs, butterflies and bats within the Akron Zoo archives. This current body of work on display was begun while she cared for her parents through their end of life, and over time, has grown into containing over 400 pieces to date.

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