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Holden Forests & Gardens is not just a great place to visit, it’s a wonderful place to work. Discover the opportunities now available for potential employees, interns and volunteers.

Holden Forests & Gardens is an equal opportunity, ADA Employer and a Drug-free Work Place.

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School Programs Instructor

Teach engaging educational programs at the Cleveland Botanical Garden! We are seeking some enthusiastic individuals to deliver educational programming at the Cleveland Botanical Garden starting this fall. Must be comfortable interacting with students in preschool through 8th grade. Work is part-time subcontract, mostly in the morning and early afternoon, Tuesday through Friday during the school year. Looking for someone reliable and dedicated who can work well with students and other educators. A natural science and/or teaching background (formal or informal), and a love of plants and the natural world is preferred.

For more details or to submit a resume contact Lexi Carter at

Sprouting Young Scientists Instructor (SPYS) – Outreach in local preschools

We are looking for a few energetic individuals interested in delivering our new preschool outreach program to children three to five years old in area preschools. The work is a part-time subcontract during the school day and takes place September – October and January – July. Individuals should have experience working with preschool-age students. A natural science background and love of nature are preferred.

For more details or to submit a resume to Beck Thompson at

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