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Corporate Support

With nearly 16,500 household members and about 260,000 annual visitors across two campuses (Cleveland Botanical Garden and The Holden Arboretum), Holden Forests & Gardens reaches a broad, diverse, and loyal base.

Partnering with us can provide:

  • Exposure to new audiences
  • Venues for client entertainment
  • Meaningful opportunities for employee engagement and recognition.

Who do we reach?

Whether you want to network with other corporate leaders and supporters or connect your brand with young families and budding professionals, Holden Forests & Gardens can help.

How can you participate?

Corporate Sponsorship

Holden Forests & Gardens has something for everyone, from high-end wine tastings and gala fundraising dinners to high attendance exhibits, events, and programs.

Our audience includes people from all over Northeast Ohio. With campuses across three counties (Cleveland Botanical Garden in Cuyahoga County and The Holden Arboretum in Lake/Geauga Counties), we have a unique footprint unlike any other cultural institution in the region.

Partner with us to raise brand awareness, connect with potential clients, and reach new audiences. Sponsorship benefits are uniquely tailored to your goals and include marketing benefits, corporate perks, and employee benefits like volunteer opportunities and membership discounts.

Fundraising Events

Holden Forests & Gardens hosts two fundraising events each year, one at each of our beautiful campuses. Corporate sponsorship of our events provides a unique and beautiful experience for your clients and guests and offers fantastic exposure for your brand.

What is your impact?

Holden Forests & Gardens enriches our region in many exciting ways, and we truly believe that our grounds fulfill a civic duty.

After all, research tells us that access to vibrant green spaces is:

  • Good for the economy
  • Benefits health and wellness
  • Improves public safety
  • Produces energy savings
  • Has an enormously positive impact on the environment


Consider getting involved with these valuable initiatives:

Reinforcing Our Region’s Tree Canopy

As a member of the Cleveland Tree Coalition, we play an important role in improving Cleveland’s tree canopy and developing the next wave of tree stewards and tree care professionals.

Learn more about our work

Connect with us!

Contact Samantha Lengel at 216.721.1600, ext.125 or [email protected] to learn more and develop a custom partnership opportunity that meets your needs.

What can we help you find?

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