Summer Camps

Immersive, nature-focused summer camps at Holden Arboretum and Cleveland Botanical Garden

At the Holden Arboretum and Cleveland Botanical Garden, we offer nature-focused summer camp programs for all school-aged children. Adventurous and educational activities like hiking, primitive fishing and ziplining will keep the mind and body active during the summer months.

Registration is closed for the 2023 camping season. Please email [email protected] to be put on the list for early registration for the 2024 season.

When signing up for our summer camp programs, we encourage you to take note of our registration process:

  1. Select your desired camp(s)
  2. Use the “register” links to confirm your spot on Bookeo
  3. Receive confirmation email with link to forms
  4. Fill out forms and return (online or physical)
  5. Receive confirmation of completed forms
  6. Pay

Summer Camps FAQ

Contact [email protected] for other questions/concerns

Yes. If you need to arrange to send them with somebody else, we will have all the information we need to accommodate that request.

Yes. We will have staff to facilitate, but these camps require an assigned caregiver who is also a primary or secondary contact on their camp form.

No, but each camper must have a completed set of forms before registration can be processed.

Discounts for members and scholarship holders will be applied AFTER the booking request and BEFORE payment is processed.

Cancellations must be requested 48 hours ahead the camp start date and there will be a $15 processing fee.

You will receive a reminder email 10 days prior to your camp date with instructions about what to bring, drop-off, pickup and what to expect. If you aren’t contacted 10 days prior to your camp date, please contact us.

Apply via bookeo. Criteria 1: 1 per camper per summer, select which camp. Criteria 2: Must have transportation. Criteria 3: Must have completed camp forms.

Register for additional days of these camps through the same process on Bookeo. Each additional day requires its own booking although each camper will only need to complete their forms once.

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