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Tribute & Memorial Program

The beauty and serenity of Holden Forests & Gardens offer a unique opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one, commemorate a milestone, or honor a friend.

Whether it’s a special message listed in our virtual garden that the recipient will be able to see, or a bench nestled in the perfect spot to commemorate a love one who has passed, tributes can mark all life’s important moments:

  • Birthdays
  • Marriages
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Retirements
  • Memorials

Make your tribute gift today


For questions or to schedule a tour, please contact Lynne Robie at and 216-707-2852.


  • $350 gift – Small
  • $500 gift – Medium
  • $1,000 gift – Large
  • $1,500 gift – Extra Large
  • Maintained for 3 years.
  • HF&G reserves the right to move planters and select plants that will be planted in all planters at both campuses. Plants change seasonally.
  • Includes a plaque with up to three lines of text, which can be edited by HF&G staff if you wish


  • $2,000 to $25,000 gift range

The intent of Holden Forests & Gardens is to maintain tribute trees for their full life span. However, tree longevity varies with the species and environmental conditions.

  • All tree dedications include a personalized plaque including up to three lines of text.
  • Trees are replaced for up to 3 years after the tribute gift is made.
  • HF&G does not plant new trees for tribute contributions, as they have a higher risk of failure.
  • Maintained for the life of the tree.
  • You may choose from a selection of trees for your tribute gift.


  • $2,500 Adirondack Chair (Cleveland Botanical Garden Only)
  • $7,500 gift — Teak
  • $10,000 gift – Stone or Curved
  • Pre-determined locations at our Cleveland Botanical Garden or Holden Arboretum campus.
  • Chair dedications are maintained for 5 years. Bench dedications are maintained for 15 years for teak and 20 years for stone or curved.
  • Includes a personalized plaque with up to three lines of text.

Additional information

  • Other naming and dedication opportunities are available for gifts of $25,000 or more.
  • All dedications include a personalized thank you card and a photo of the tribute.
  • Tribute contributions are naming opportunities and support Holden Forests & Gardens’ general operations. HF&G owns all plants, planters, chairs, and benches on our properties.
  • Contact Lynne Robie today with questions or to schedule a tour: and 216-707-2852.

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