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David G. Leach Research Station

The Leach Station was a gift to Holden from Dr. David Leach, a world authority on genus Rhododendron. Located in Madison, Ohio, this 30-acre, hidden gem is heavy on research and stunningly beautiful.

Started by David Leach in 1970, this satellite facility is a hub for rhododendron horticulture and research in the Midwest. A pre-eminent horticulturist, rhododendron hybridizer and authority, Dr. Leach pursued cold hardy and colorful rhododendrons for the Great Lakes region and beyond. His work saw the introduction of approximately 80 named hybrids developed at his former home in Brookville, PA, or at the Madison research station. The Leach Research Station was donated to The Holden Arboretum in 1986.

Sandy soils and a lake-moderated climate make the research station one of the best places for rhododendron cultivation in the Midwest. The station has nearly 12 acres of display areas and more than 2 acres of field growing space. The display areas are arranged as strolling gardens where more than 1400 rhododendrons are being evaluated and preserved long term. Recently, the station has taken on a wild germplasm conservation role, and more and more wild-occurring rhododendron species are being added to the display areas. The fields are used for evaluating temporary breeding populations of several thousand unique seedlings or for other field research.

We are unable to be open to the general public outside a few open days in May. However, we encourage scholars of all kinds, green industry groups, gardening groups, or any other interested parties to get in touch about visitation and facility use opportunities. Reach out to Rhododendron Collections Manager Connor Ryan ( for more information.

Explore our Collection

Browse our collections map to learn about our extensive collection of rhododendrons and other plants. We honor our commitment to David Leach by remaining closed to the public most of the year, so plan to visit on one of our spring open days!

The map allows users to filter and search the collection by attributes such as name, genus, family, etc. Get in touch about research and conservation, visitation, or other site and collection use by contacting Rhododendron Collections Manager Connor Ryan (

David G Leach Station Virtual Tour

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