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Cleveland is home to a great number of talented musicians and creative performers. With the help of the ListenCLE directory of hundreds of diverse performers, the Garden will host fun live events on Thursday evenings from 6-8 p.m. all summer long.  

  • Thursday, June 8th – Singer/ Songwriter Rachel Shortt will be joined by groovy and seasoned Drummer/Percussionist Vince Lucente and the funky bass guitar style of John Devin Roach. 
  • Thursday, June 22ndComedian, Actor, and Vocalist Sista Lu uses imagination to find the funny in everything and engage audiences of all ages. 
  • Thursday, July 13th – Fusion Belly Dancer Aminah Louise mixes traditional belly dance with hip hop and modern dance while performing to music including Middle Eastern, jazz and metal. 
  • Thursday, July 27th – Singer Janessa Cardillo is a classically-trained vocalist pursuing an education in vocology and an 18-year veteran private voice and piano lesson teacher.  
  • Thursday, August 10th– Performer Mark Burnett is a motivational speaker who performs  in the vein of the old time strongmen from the early 1900’s. 
  • Thursday, August 24th– Band The Bewilderness is a One-Man-Band and One-Woman-Circus that fuse pop and indie rock with flow dance and prop manipulation to create a fun-for-all-ages spectacle. 

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