Hershey Children's Garden

Help your whole family flourish.

Help your child disconnect from technology and discover the wonders of nature. As they explore plant and animal life, they’ll have a new appreciation for the environment.

They can become immersed in hands-on activities like:

  • Observing honeybees in their hive
  • Searching for fish, frogs and turtles in the pond
  • Learning about veggie and herb gardens
  • Exploring and playing in nature’s playground
  • Creating in our sandbox 
  • Learning how to care for plants with our water pump

The Hershey Children’s Garden was one of the first of its kind in the country when it opened in 1999, and it still serves as a model for children’s gardens around the world.

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For your safety:

  • We may limit the number of visitors inside this garden at one time
  • A handwashing station is available, but parents assume the risk associated with touching play surfaces and children congregating
  • Face coverings are required when in close proximity to others
  • Only one family group at a time on the Treehouse

Adults are responsible to actively supervise children in their care.

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