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Seersucker sedge

Carex plantaginea

Carex plantaginea is an attractiveclump forming woodland sedge that will perform well in partly shaded moist, humus-rich woodsIcan tolerate difficult dry conditions once established. The leaves are broad and semi-evergreen with a striking lime green color and puckered surface and provide a nice textural aspect in a woodland gardenIn spring, reddish purple scaly flower spikes are displayed above the foliage – while sedges are not typically planted for their fantastic floral display, the flowers are interesting and usually bloom in early spring around the same time as Cornus mas.

Photo Credit: Halpaugh at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Bloom Time: Early Spring

Light: Full Shade

Moisture Needs: Moist

Size: Small

Soil: Humus-Rich

Value: Native

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