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From Fynbos to Savanna (and Everything In Between)

March 9, 2021


Plant conservation in South Africa

This talk will provide an introduction to a mega-diverse corner of the world, South Africa, and describe the South African plant conservation strategy Version 2, which will begin in 2021. Mr. Koopman will also highlight the role of civil society in providing eyes on the ground to work in partnership with the state conservation agencies.

Rupert Koopman

Rupert Koopman

Conservation Manager at the Botanical Society of South Africa, Chair Fynbos Forum Committee.

Mr. Koopman leads the implementation of plant conservation work in key conservation regions across South Africa, containing approximately 3000 threatened species, and including 12 years working specifically with threatened species in the Fynbos, a renowned and beloved biodiversity hotspot of the Cape region. Mr. Koopman’s work addresses the complexity of conservation, for example screening proposed developments for threatened species, contributing information to the long-term outcomes of reintroductions of plant species and building public engagement in conservation working with organizations such as CREW, the Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers. This work with community science volunteers addresses both the ecological and human sides of conservation, fostering an appreciation for threatened and endangered South African plants while providing important data for conservation managers.

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