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Identification & Discovery: A Botanical Love Story

January 20, 2021


What’s in a name? Is it who you are? Do your traits make you small or tall, bud or blossom, bright or uniquely subtle? Is it your deep roots, tucked safely into the earth, grounded in your heritage?

Perhaps it’s in your DNA, ingrained in a system that was deemed you an integral part of the community: to heal, protect, or nurture. In this talk I discuss how love is about growing to know yourself., and much like plants you may find that you were misidentified the entire time.

Teacher’s Resources

This lecture comes with a complete lesson plan and accompanying Google Slide deck for you to customize for your class. To make an editable copy of the Google Slides deck for your classroom, click the link and select File > Make a copy.

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Brandi Cannon

Brandi Cannon

Middle School Science Teacher & Science Curriculum Coordinator

Ms. Cannon’s research focused on the biology of parasitic plants, understanding the host cues that lead to germination and successful establishment, as well as the role of disturbances like fire in determining plant rooting patterns and genetic diversity, with an eye toward conserving populations of endangered parasitic plants. She brings her experience and excitement for research directly into her classroom teaching, and is also active in school-based and non-profit activities that support diverse communities, including: leading the Kids of Color affinity group and the middle school WISE (Women in STEM Education) club, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator for the United States Quidditch, and the DEI consultant for the International Quidditch Association.

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