Woodland Garden

Wander amongst natural wonders.

Take refuge among towering trees, and enjoy a brief escape from our bustling city. You’ll be joined by butterflies, songbirds, and wild flowers as you explore our most informal and expansive retreat.

This forest offers year-round enchantment, but feels especially magical when you visit in fall and can admire the vibrant foliage. There are more than 30 species of trees in this area, including beech, hemlock, maple, and wild cherry.

Hidden bridges and tucked-away benches invite you to sit as you absorb the awe of nature. When you’re ready to continue, the Helen M. Whitehouse Boardwalk allows passage beneath the canopy as a rippling natural stream runs alongside you.

There’s also an abundance of wild flowers, including trilliums, dutchman’s breeches, Jack-in-the pulpit, Virginia blue bells and Solomon’s seal.

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