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How to Calculate the Benefits of a Tree

Adult Landowners

i-Tree is a software suite, from the U.S. Forest Service, that consists of tools that calculate the value of trees in urban areas and your home. For more information and a descriptive list of the tools and programs visit

Tree Benefit Calulators

Use one of the following calculators to determine the monetary value of individual trees on your property.

  • Mobile App
    A simple calculator with a mobile-phone friendly interface. Sponsored by Davey Tree.
  • Simple Tree Benefit Calculator
    The simplest calculator, for a quick estimate of the value of one tree. (Requires Flash and will not work in Firefox or Google Chrome). Sponsored by Davey Tree and Casey Trees.
  • i-Tree Design
    The most up-to-date and accurate calculator, that also allows you to see the value of multiple trees. (Requires Flash and works in most non-mobile browsers). Sponsored by iTree.

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