Tram Tours

Holden Arboretum

Tram tour tickets are available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis at the Corning Visitors Center on the day of your visit.

Length:  45 minutes
Cost:  $9 Adults (13+), $6 Children (3-12)
Children 2 and under may ride in an adult’s lap

Tram Tours have concluded for the season and will return in May of 2024.

Accessibility for Our Guests in a Wheelchair:
Tours that run on the quarter or three quarters of the hour are wheelchair accessible.

Group Tours:
Use the links below to reserve your group tram tour.

Reserve a group tour for up to 13 passengers.

Reserve a wheelchair accessible tour, up to 6 passengers. (one wheelchair)

Tram Tour FAQ

Let’s get to the root of our most commonly-asked questions.

The tram stop is located right outside the Corning Visitor Center near the sidewalk. Please be at the tram stop 5 minutes before your purchased ticket time.

Our standard shuttle tram can hold 13 people. An ADA-accessible shuttle is available and can hold the guest in a wheelchair and 5 other guests.

Strollers, walkers, wagons, and large bags: Please be aware that the tram cannot accommodate these items, and storage may not be available on site. It is advised to leave bulky items safely in your vehicle.

The tram will operate in most weather conditions, please dress appropriately for the weather. Tours may be canceled in the event of unsafe weather conditions, and refunds will be issued at the visitor center information desk.

Restrooms are available in the Corning Visitor Center before or after your tram tour experience.

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