Power of Plants

Power of Plants, or “POP” for short, is a large-scale, full-day educational event, which takes place at schools across Northeast Ohio.

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Power of Plants, or “POP” for short, is a large-scale, full-day educational event, which takes place at schools across Northeast Ohio.

POP is:

  1. A 45-minute interactive presentation for up to 250 students, facilitated by an Educator from HF&G.
  1. Up to 4 hours of small-group, hands-on activities at 9 activity stations run by volunteers that are recruited by your school and led by the HF&G Educator. (see example activity stations below)
  1. Perfect for students in grades K-6

Since we can accommodate up to 250 students, POP is a great option as an in-school field trip for several grade levels at larger schools, or your whole school if you have less that 250 students

Over the course of the 45-minute presentation, students become part of the show by volunteering to complete tasks, participate in games, assist with science experiments, and answer questions posed by the HF&G Educator. Students learn vocabulary related to plant science and discuss themes such as lifecycles and plant anatomy.

After the presentation, learning stations allow students to interact with topics in small chunks and make their own discoveries about and connections with content from the presentation. Students will explore interactions between plants and animals within habitats, photosynthesis, plant careers, and more.

Registration and more info

Examples of Stations

Pass the Plant Products, Please!

Station Goal

Students will begin to recognize that trees and plants are used to make things we use in our everyday lives. They will classify products that are made and not made from trees or plants and begin to recognize the value of plants.

Homes Made of Plants from Around the Globe

Station Goal

Students will learn about the types of plants that humans use to make homes around the world. Then, they will use their creativity to make a model of a home that is made from plants. Students should know that shelter is a basic human need that is often provided by plants or plant materials.

It’s a Smelly Situation

Station Goal

Students will begin to understand the importance of plants to our health and wellness by discovering how they feel when smelling plant-based aromas.

Jobs Made Possible by Plants

Station Goal

Students will learn all about different careers that are made possible by plants. They will get to experience a taste of what it is like to work in various plant-based jobs by dressing up and/or experimenting with tools of the trade.

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