Growing Students in Science

Growing Students in Science: A Community Partnership to Build Interest and Ability in the Sciences is a unique program to Northeast Ohio.

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Students in their classrooms can participate in the program for multiple years, starting in the second or third grades and completing the fifth-grade program. Each year students participate in two on-campus or virtual trips to The Holden Arboretum and one classroom visit by Holden staff. New teachers attend professional development workshops held throughout the year. The workshops provide them with tools to teach various hands-on lessons to their students and provide additional activities to reach science standards. All programs align with Ohio’s science content standards.

Each year new districts are asked to consider participation in this multi-year program. All districts are welcome to participate. Most start at second- or third-grade level and progressively add a grade level as the students advance. However, a school can begin at any grade level. Costs associated with the program cover field trips, classroom visits, materials, and teacher professional development kits. Some funds are available to help subsidize interested districts that are in financial difficulty. We invite those interested in scheduling a meeting to learn more about the program or, better yet, come out and observe a class in action. Holden visits occur from April through May and September through October. Classroom visits will be taking place from late January through March.

If you are interested in participating in the Growing Students in Science program, please contact Becky Thompson, Academic Programs Manager, at [email protected].

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