Community Forestry

It takes a village to help the forest.

Community Forestry helps transform communities into vibrant places where plants, trees, and people thrive. We serve our region through education, empowerment, and programs like these:

Tree Corps

Tree Corps is an arboriculture workforce development program designed to provide valuable training and entry-level job placement for Cleveland residents in the tree care industry. It’s funded by a generous grant from the Cleveland Foundation.

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The Cleveland Tree Plan

Partnerships with the City of Cleveland’s Office of Sustainability, the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, LAND studio, and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress that help bring the Cleveland Tree Plan to life.

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Working Woods

Most of Ohio’s forest is privately owned. Private landowners face a variety of challenges when it comes to land stewardship including succession planning, pests, disease, poor logging practices, pressure from logging companies, and invasive plants. Good forestry addresses these challenges by working with nature so both people AND the woods can thrive.

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Great Lakes Basin Forest Health Collaborative

The primary mission is to use a participatory approach by provide training and technology transfer to a network of partners. The GLB FHC serves as a liaison between research facilities, interested agencies, organizations and citizens to transfer pertinent technology that promotes accelerated production of improved seedlings for future restoration plantings.

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Landowner Resources & Toolkit

Providing landowners with the resources they need to care for, manage and utilize their trees.

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Green Corps

The Green Corps program continues to grow a plant-literate population by providing an urban agriculture experience for area high school students.

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Want more information on the Arboretum’s Community Forestry program?

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