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Tree Corps is an arboriculture workforce development program designed to provide valuable training and entry-level job placement for Cleveland residents in the tree care industry. It’s funded by a generous grant from the Cleveland Foundation.

Cleveland, was once nicknamed “The Forest City” thanks to its robust tree population. But the number of street trees has been steadily declining since the mid-20th century.



city trees



city trees

This could have significant ecological, economic, and social consequences.

So in 2018, Holden Forests & Gardens piloted the innovative Tree Corps Program, which helps the environment as well as the local economy. Since then, we’ve learned a lot, and we’re excited to launch a new, expanded phase of the Tree Corps program that welcomes young adults, professionals, and communities

Tree Corps CREW Program

Tree Corps Crew (Cleveland-Region Experiential Work) offers a paid job experience, with training in tree-care and related careers for young Cleveland-area residents.

The 8-member Tree Corps Crew spends 6 weeks learning key arboriculture skills, engaging in field experiences, and working on tree and land care related to the Cleveland Tree Plan.

The program concludes with a capstone project and opportunities to shadow green career professionals. CREW provides experience, exposure, and difference-making work for folks who have not otherwise had an opportunity to engage in green careers.

Tree Corps Master Stewards

The Tree Corps Master Stewards certificate program offers in-depth instruction and training for those who wish to be tree advocates in their communities.

This program is designed for those with basic knowledge of tree stewardship to take a ‘deep dive’ into skills and topics that will take their engagement to the next level.

Graduates will be equipped to effectively advocate in their communities to increase the urban canopy.

This program is coordinated to complement the Sherwick Tree Steward Trainings.

Tree Corps Pro

The Tree Corp Pro Series offers a range of opportunities in career advancement for individuals and businesses in the tree care industry.

Holden Forests and Gardens provides a platform for trainings, symposia, and workshops that provide area professionals with the means to enhance their practice, all for the benefit of Northeast Ohio.

Check back for developments in these three branches of Tree Corps.

For more information on the Arboretum’s Community Forestry program, contact or call Courtney Blashka, the Director of Community Forestry and Conservation, at 440.602.8010.

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