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Collections Crew & Excel TECC

March 9, 2022


Last week the Collections crew hosted the students from Excel TECC for a few hours of volunteer work.  With their help we were able to clear both invasive plants and low hanging branches from the east trail of working woods.  The students with their teachers did the cutting and dragging of brush, while Gary and I treated the cut stumps with herbicide.  Having many willing hands on the job enabled us to complete the work in just a few hours.  The Excel students as always showed their enthusiasm for the work and willingness to learn new tasks.  If these young men and women choose to pursue careers in the Horticultural field the industry will certainly benefit in having them.

Pics 1&2    

Pic. 3          Excel TECC students at work.

Pic .4 &5    Cut and treated stumps.

Pics. 6&7   Hard at work.

Pics. 8&9   Treating stumps with Herbicide.

Pic.   10       Our nemesis….  Buckthorn.

Pics   11&12   Trails sides clear of obstructions. 

Working woods east trail sides before clearing.
Excel TECC students at work.
Cut and treated stumps.
Hard at work.
Hard at work.
Treating stumps with Herbicide.
Our Nemesis…Buckthorn.
Trails sides clear of obstruction.
Rick Anielski

Rick Anielski


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