Juliana S. Medeiros, PhD

Plant Biologist

Plant Physiology


  • Ph.D. | 2009 | University of New Mexico
  • M.S. | 2003 | University of New Mexico
  • B.S. | 2000 | University of New Mexico

Adjunct Appointments

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Kent State University
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Case Western Reserve University

Research Interests

My research focuses on plant anatomical and physiological acclimation and adaptations to the abiotic environment. I am interested in how phenotypic and genetic variation in plant form and function interact with variation in climate over space and time to drive ecological patterns and the evolution of plant diversity. I focus primarily on plant hydraulic traits, including xylem water transport, leaf gas exchange and the integration of leaf and xylem function.  Click here to learn more about research in my lab: Medeiros Lab Webpage

Select Publications

  • Caruso CM, CM Mason and JS Medeiros. In press. The evolution of functional traits in plants: is the giant still sleeping? International Journal of Plant Sciences.
  • Medeiros JS, CR Hewins, AW Baumgardner† and JH Burns. In press. Shifts in phenology and plant architecture across genus Rhododendron highlight different ways to become more acquisitive despite universally conservative xylem anatomy. International Journal of Plant Sciences.
  • Liu B, Y-P Xia, SL Krebs, J Medeiros and R Arora. 2019. Seasonal response to cold and light stresses by two elevational ecotypes of Rhododendron catawbiense: a comparative study of overwintering strategies. Environmental and Experimental Botany 163: 86-96.
  • Medeiros JS, Y Liu and JH Burns. 2019. The unique value of genus Rhododendron for investigating the evolutionary ecology of root-microbe interactions. Rhododendrons International 3: 66-81.
  • Medeiros JS and E Nilsen. 2019. The Rhododendron Research Network: Promoting and enhancing Rhododendron research through interdisciplinary collaboration and public engagement. Rhododendrons International 3: 1-7.
  • Medeiros JS, F Lens, S Jansen and H Maherali. 2019. Vestured pits and scalariform perforation plate morphology modify the relationships between angiosperm vessel traits, climate and maximum plant height. New Phytologist.
  • Medeiros JS and SC Danielson. 2018. Renewed interest in whole-plant physiology sheds light on the complexity of plant stress response architecture. Tree Physiology 38: 503–506.
  • Medeiros JS, JH Burns, J Nicholson†, L Rogers† and O Valverde-Barrantes. 2017. Decoupled leaf and root carbon economics is a key component in the ecological diversity and evolutionary divergence of deciduous and evergreen lineages of genus Rhododendron. American Journal of Botany 104: 1-14.
  • Editor’s Choice, featured in “Highlights: A quick glance at noteworthy articles in this month’s issue” 10.3732/ajb.1700970


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