Scout Trips

Cadette Trees

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Fall and Spring Sessions


$12 per scout (includes $3.50 for badge), one free adult per five scouts. Additional Adults are $12.

In this hands-on program, Girl Scout Cadettes become naturalists-in-training as they explore the life cycles of trees and learn to identify species common to Ohio. Through investigating a few of the many tree varieties at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, Cadettes will discover the ways in which trees are important to our lives, and how they can help trees to thrive. Each Girl Scout will be given the Trees Girl Scout badge upon completion of the program.

Fall and Spring sessions

2 hours

$12 per scout or sibling. One adult chaperone required per 10 scouts (free). One adult per five scouts admitted free; additional adults are $12.00 per person – due at check-in.

Please note – if you have a special request that does not fit within the available options, please reach out to us at

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