School Trips

Little Mountain

Holden Arboretum

Grade 7- College

$10.00 per student. One free adult per five students, additional adults are $10.00.

Little Mountain is the highest point in Lake County. Once a woodland retreat where wealthy Clevelanders escape the summer heat, it has once again become a preserved and managed woodland for unique native plants and animals. Students learn the area’s history and see remnants of past human presence, including rock carvings more than 150 years old.  While exploring this unique forest, they will discover how the geologically fascinating rock crevices and cave-like structures of exposed Sharon Conglomerate Rock were formed, and experience first-hand how much cooler and wetter this environment is and why unique plants and animals call it home.

This program requires walking for long distances over uneven terrain and in wet, muddy conditions. Tour takes about three hours and is classified as moderate – 1.5 miles. 

3 hours

$10 per student. One adult chaperone required per 10 students(free). One adult per five students admitted free; additional adults are $10.00 per person

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