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The Cleveland Botanical Garden features a number of gallery spaces displaying seasonally rotating artwork from local talent.

Eppig Gallery

In Eppig Gallery, Portals & Pollinators by Kevin Kautenburger is on display through May 19th. Kevin explains his exhibition as “The beauty and the multi-sensory phenomena that I react to in the natural world have a temporality to them – like an ephemeral vernal pool, or pollen lightly riding on its anther. These visual and physical sensations are distilled, and transformed into my work – which is my response to being in the world. The grouping of works shared here at the Garden are conceived through a similar poetic lens.”

Guren Gallery

In Guren Gallery (located in the Perennial Playspace), Habitat by QiuChen Fan is on display through May 19th. QiuChen Fan was born in Kunming, China. As a recipient of Dean’s Scholarship from Cleveland Institute of Art, QiuChen started her art journey in the US in 2011. She received her BFA as a drawing major in 2015 with “Excellence in Drawing” award scholarship. After graduating from school, she started as a freelancer doing graphic design and illustration, while continued her art practice in home-based studio. QiuChen currently lives in the US.

Orientation Theater

A group of artworks from Cleveland Institute of Art’s Life Sciences Illustration program is on display through May 19th. At the beginning of the spring semester, students in the Digital Color: Style & Representation in Science course were tasked with rendering an illustration of an orchid at Cleveland Botanical Garden. With attention to color, texture, form, and structure, students closely observed the unique anatomy of their floral subjects. The finished illustrations on display in this exhibit show off their skills in translating the complexity of orchids into art that is both accurate and beautiful.

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