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The Cleveland Botanical Garden features a number of gallery spaces displaying seasonally rotating artwork from local talent.

Steadfast Lands with Leila Khoury in the Allée

أرض صمدة : Steadfast Lands a collaboration between local artist, Leila Khoury, and our horticulturists in the Allee. أرض صمدة, pronounced ard samda in Arabic, describes the deepest form of understanding, patience, and harmony that one may hold toward their land, ancestral farming practices, and preservation of all life forms. 

Khoury has teamed up with our Exhibits Horticulturalist, Sommer Tolan, to create a display that weaves together live plants and ceramic sculptures to tell a story of perseverance. The nature of the growing plants and unglazed ceramics lends to this story of change and resilience, as the display will transform in response to the elements throughout the summer season. Ceramic bowl structures will collect and cascade rainwater feeding the surrounding plants, which were carefully chosen for their symbolism and beauty. One of the chosen plants, the red poppy, like the expression of samda, symbolizes perseverance and celebrates rain, growth, and rebirth. 

Boruca Masks with Christian Romero in Eppig Gallery

The Boruca, also known as the Brunca or Brunka, are the indigenous people living in Costa Rica. The tribe of around 2600 members are known for their art and craftwork, especially their distinctive painted balsa wood masks. These masks are important elements in the Borucas’ annual Danza de los Diablitos (The Dance of the Little Devils) festival, celebrated each winter. Although they may seem frightening or sinister, the Boruca view these masks as a symbol of wellbeing and protection. The beautifully crafted masks on display can be purchased in the Garden Store to help support indigenous women of Costa Rica and their community. 

Artistic Jungle with Georgio Sabino in Guren Gallery

For Sabino, art is not just a medium of expression; it’s a gateway to self-discovery. With accolades as a painter, photographer, designer, author and educator, he has woven a rich tapestry of artistic innovation and inspiration. Sabino’s project, Artistic Jungle, is a bold fusion of painting, fashion, and technology, seamlessly weaving together traditional mediums with cutting-edge innovations. 

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