Connection Camps

Garden Connection Camps cultivate early ambition to grow together.

Cleveland Botanical Garden Connection Camps teach students through play how communities thrive from diversity and balance. Kids will focus on social activities as they make memories against dazzling botanical garden backdrops and connect with art, history, and nature at three more beloved cultural attractions in University Circle. More activities include candying fruit, games from around the globe, and active storytelling.

Creative Connections Camp

June 12-16 from 9am-3pm

For ages 6-8

Creative Connections campers can identify with their creative selves through activities like horticultural design and crafts from natural materials.

$325 per member,  $375 per non-member
Max. 15 / Min. 4


Cultural Connections Camp

June 19-23 from 9am-3pm

For ages 8-10

Cultural Connections campers celebrate the vibrant traditions that form Cleveland’s shared identity by creating their own festival.

$325 per member,  $375 per non-member
Max. 15 / Min. 4


Collective Connections Camp

June 26-30 from 9am-3pm

For ages 9-11

Collective Connections campers get behind-the-scenes passes to meet the animal residents of our biomes and professionals who demonstrate fun opportunities for youth interested in entering the green workforce.

$325 per member,  $375 per non-member
Max. 15 / Min. 4


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