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It’s Poppin’: May 3rd


Does it feel like summer yet?  We sure have had a run of warm weather, and this has jump started our blooms.  At the botanical garden, the trees are looking mighty green as we wait for roses to open and say goodbye to the tulips.  At the Arboretum, the lilacs are the best they’ve looked (and smelled!) in years, and the wildflower garden is peak. 

Cleveland Botanical Garden 

The tulips are still showing color, but they are fading quickly.  The show this week is the azaleas- my favorite spots are the Japanese garden and the waterfall garden for pops of color this week.  These areas of our ravine offer a cool getaway from the bustle of University Circle above.  Finally, be on the lookout for our peonies- they come in many different colors, and their huge blooms give a rose-like pop of color that will make you take pause.  

Holden Arboretum  

Our display garden houses our collection of lilacs, many of which have been growing at the arboretum for decades.  They are absolutely spectacular right now.  Take a stroll around lotus pond and you will see the range of colors and sizes.  From white to purple, pink and lavendar, there’s a lilac for everyone.  Our wildflower garden is at absolute peak bloom as well – now is the time to see it!  The large-flowered trilliums are peak, with just a few having the tinge of pink that signals they have been pollinated.  The downward pointing flowers of paw-paw are just opening.  Will we have a bumper crop of fruit come late summer?  Look for wild columbine and shooting stars, both in absolute peak bloom.  Finally, take a walk to our the pondersoa pines area near blueberry pond for a beautiful display of redbud and golden ragwort. 

Each week is a new adventure at our campuses.  What will you find during your next visit? 

Tom Arbour, M.En.

Tom Arbour, M.En.

Curator of Living Collections

As Curator of Living Collections at Holden Forests and Gardens, Tom guides the acquisition and documentation of more than 20,000 plants and trees at Cleveland Botanical Garden and The Holden Arboretum. Significant arboretum collections include oak, crabapple, maple, conifers, and Ohio wildflowers. At the Cleveland Botanical Garden, two biome-based glasshouses contain plants of the Madagascar spiny forest and a rich neotropical rainforest community. Tom is particularly interested in connecting with those wanting to use Holden’s living collections for research. Please contact Tom to learn more about the broad collection of trees and plants at our two campuses.

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