Stebbins Gulch

Get a firsthand look at pre-historic grounds.

Stebbins Gulch is the crown jewel of the Holden Arboretum’s extensive natural areas, and is one of the most unspoiled natural history preserves in Northeast Ohio. We host guided tours a few times each year.

It’s a deep ravine environment, complete with its own microclimate and multiple forest zones. Plus, it displays one of the most complete sequences of exposed rocks in northeast Ohio, spanning 30 million years of marine sedimentation and five named geologic units. 

All these combined factors inspire awe and a strong sense of isolation, even though this scape is just 25 miles from downtown Cleveland.

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Stebbins Gulch is one of Holden’s two National Natural Landmarks, and visitation is limited to protect our guests and the gulch’s wildlife.

To register for an upcoming group tour, see our online class schedule.

Stebbins Gulch Facts
  • Area first settled in 1813
  • Designated as National Natural Landmark in 1967 by National Park Service (U.S. Department of Interior)
  • Six cascades and waterfalls
  • The ravine is 70 – 200 feet deep
  • The gulch is 300 – 500 feet wide
  • Annual temperature range from 0 – 75• F
  • Elevations range from 850 – 1150 feet above sea level
  • Geology: Horizontal Paleozoic marine sedimentary rock and glacial till
    • Five named geologic rock units
  • Geologic time span: Late Devonian to early Mississippian, or 370 – 350 million years before present
  • Accessible only through guided group tours
    • Tours cover 1.8 miles

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