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Citizen Complaints

It is the policy of the Holden Arboretum Police Department to accept and review all citizen complaints regarding police service, policy, procedure, or personnel.

The citizen complaint process is available to anyone who believes an HAPD Officer may have performed in a manner that is in violation of our rules, the law, and/or a citizen’s rights. The fair, factual, and objective investigation of complaints is a priority.

How to File a Complaint If you believe an officer of this police department did something wrong, get the officer’s name, badge number, or other identifying details so we can determine who is involved. If witnesses were at the scene, get their names and contact information. Collect any evidence you believe is related to your complaint. Complaints may be filed by contacting the Chief of Police using this form, in person (9500 Sperry Rd., Kirtland, OH 44094), via telephone (440.602.3846), fax (440.256.5835), or via email ([email protected]). An initial complaint can also be taken at your place of residence upon request if so desired.

Who Investigates Complaints? Citizen complaints are investigated by the Chief of Police of their designee. They will conduct a detailed investigation of the incident and gather statements from you and any witnesses. Your assistance is critical and additional information may be needed. Please be aware that a detailed investigation and review of the facts can take time, but investigations typically are completed within 30 days of the initial complaint filing. You may contact the Chief of Police at (440) 602-3846 to learn the status of your complaint.

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