Katie Stuble, PhD


Community Ecology


  • Ph.D. | University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • M.S. | University of Georgia
  • B.A. | St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Adjunct Appointments

  • Kent State University
  • Case Western Reserve University

Research Interests

I am a community ecologist interested in the mechanisms responsible for maintaining patterns of biodiversity, and understanding how global change will likely alter communities. My research focuses on two important drivers of global change: invasive species and global climate change. Much of my research centers around how global change affects interactions among species, ultimately shaping the structure and function of ecosystems. In particular, current research projects examine: 1) community assembly, and how dynamics between species during the early stages of community development are impacted by climate and ultimately influence the composition of emerging communities, 2) ant-mediated seed dispersal and the impacts of both non-native ants and climate change, and 3) the effects of changing community composition (both above and below-ground) on ecosystem functions such as carbon cycling.

Select Publications

  • Stuble KL, S Ma, J Liang, Y Luo, AT Classen, L Souza (2019) Long-term impacts of warming drive decomposition and accelerate the turnover of labile soil carbon. Ecosphere 10(5): e02715.
  • Poe N, KL Stuble, L Souza (2019) Small mammal herbivores mediate the effects of soil nitrogen and invertebrate herbivores on grassland diversity. Ecology and Evolution 9: 3577-3587.
  • Stuble KL, E Zefferman, K Wolf, KJ Vaughn, TP Young (2017) Outside the envelope: rare events disrupt the relationship between climate factors and species interactions. Ecology 98: 1623-1630.
  • Stuble KL, SE Fick, TP Young (2017) Every restoration is unique: testing year effects and site effects as drivers of initial restoration trajectories. Journal of Applied Ecology 54: 1051-1057.
  • Young TP, KL Stuble, JA Balachowski, CM Werner (2017) Using priority effects to manipulate competitive hierarchies in restoration. Restoration Ecology 25: 114-123.
  • Brudvig LA, RS Barak, JT Bauer, TT Caughlin, DC Laughlin, L Larios, JW Matthews, KL Stuble, NE Turley, CR Zirbel (2017) Interpreting variation to advance predictive restoration science. Journal of Applied Ecology 54: 1018-1027.
  • Souza L, KL Stuble, MA Genung, AT Classen (2017) Plant genotype identity and intra-specific diversity trump soil nutrient availability to shape old-field structure and function. Functional Ecology 31(4): 965-974.
  • Stuble KL, L Souza (2016) Priority effects: natives, but not exotics, pay to arrive late. Journal of Ecology 104(4): 987-993.
  • Stuble KL, MA Rodriguez-Cabal, GL McCormick, I Jurić, RR Dunn, NJ Sanders (2013) Tradeoffs, competition, and coexistence in eastern deciduous forest ant communities. Oecologia 171(4): 981-992.


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