Make a pledge to plant a tree today! Once you pledge, we will provide information and support that will help you to plant and grow your tree.

Once you pledge, the first information you will receive are the tree selection and general information kits that will answer these questions:

Which trees are best to plant in Northeast Ohio? Where do I purchase my tree? When and where should I plant my tree? How do I take care of my tree after it is planted?`

Tree Toolkit Cover

Essential benefits of trees

              Did you know that trees provide numerous benefits, extending beyond property lines to improve the health and wellbeing of entire neighborhoods? These are just some of the ways that trees are essential for homes, businesses, and communities:

  • Trees improve public health by providing oxygen, filtering the air, and reducing stress, which have been linked to reductions in asthma and heart disease.
  • Trees calm traffic and cool sidewalks and streets, making neighborhoods safer and more walkable.
  • Trees increase business traffic and home values.
  • Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to combat climate change.
  • Trees save energy on heating and cooling.
  • Trees filter and retain stormwater and prevent soil erosion, which keeps our rivers and Lake Erie cleaner.
  • Trees provide habitat for birds and pollinators.

In the coming months leading up to Arbor Day on April 30th, we will inspire and encourage you to grow your love of trees.

Make a donation today

For those who want to donate to have trees planted, you can make a contribution that will support planting trees in a neighborhood in Cleveland.

To make a general donation to the People for Trees initiative that includes education, community forestry projects and scientific research, please click here.