We’re rooted in research.

Holden Forests & Gardens takes pride in being a leading voice in the study and care of plants. We welcome everyone from renowned scientists, to doctoral candidates and graduate students, and empower them with resources that shape the landscape of this field.

Take a look at the laboratories that make their work possible:

Natural Areas

Holden has more than 3,000 acres of high quality natural areas. High quality sites include Stebbins Gulch, pictured, which is listed as a National Natural Landmark. Holden research staff maintains long-term research sites within Stebbins Gulch as well as Pierson Creek Valley.

Ellen Corning Long and T. Dixon Long Center for Plant and Environmental Science

The research program is housed in a modern science center that contains 15,000 square feet of greenhouse and research facilities. The science center has modern container areas and polyhouses for all aspects of plant growth and propagation.

Laboratories include the Reinberger Laboratory, which contains shared facilities for plant chemical analysis, molecular biology and soil ecology research.

The David G. Leach Research Station in Madison, Ohio

Holden has expertise in the breeding and evaluation of Rhododendron. Much of our plant breeding work takes place at the David G. Leach Research Station, a 30-acre facility in Madison, Ohio. The Leach Station was a gift to Holden from Dr. David Leach, a world authority on the genus Rhododendron.

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