Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects Made with LEGO® Bricks Opens May 27th


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Cleveland, OH February 2023- The Holden Arboretum is excited to announce it will open a new outdoor exhibit that will appeal to the kid in all of us. Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects Made with LEGO® Bricks features more than a dozen towering creations that will pop out of garden and trail landscapes creating a magical new world at the arboretum. Nature Connects opens Saturday, May 27th, and runs through Monday, September 4th, 2023. Tickets will be available for purchase in advance beginning in May at

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The new exhibit brings some of nature’s most beloved flora and fauna to colorful life with 14 impressive sculptures built with over 350,000 simple toy blocks. As visitors explore the lush arboretum grounds, they will be greeted by a giant monarch butterfly, a gorgeous lily, a huge hummingbird pollinating a flower, and nearly a dozen more delightful creations.

“We are thrilled to bring this unique and playful exhibit to the Holden Arboretum and hope that folks will have fun seeking to find all 14 nature-inspired sculptures,” said Beth Kelly, Director of Guest Experience. “While many of artist Sean Kenney’s creations will stand out because of their enormous size or gravity-defying shapes, some will require keener observation skills!”

Sean Kenney is an award-winning artist who uses LEGO pieces as a medium for contemporary sculpture, portraiture, and commercial art. He is recognized as one of the leading experts in the field and is a founding member of several global programs that aim to encourage and support this emerging art form. Millions of people have visited Kenney’s exhibitions, and his work has been acclaimed by The New York Times, PBS Arts, BBC Arts, and Vogue, and he continues to create every day at his studio in Amsterdam.

“We created sculptures that have thin flower petals, insect wings or antennae and legs. Making these giant sculptures sturdy enough was one of the biggest challenges I faced,” said artist Sean Kenney. Balancing the delicate wispiness or nature with the sturdiness that’s required was quite a feat!”

Just as LEGO pieces interconnect, everything in nature is in a delicate balance. The narrative that accompanies the intricate displays will remind visitors of the importance of conservation, the balance of ecosystems, as well as the relationships between humankind and the natural world.

Explore the beauty and wonder of Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects Made with LEGO® Bricks, open Tuesdays through Sundays to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for a limited engagement through September 4th.


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