Gingerbread Competition at Cleveland Botanical Garden

The 17th Annual Gingerbread Competition is back this year as part of the cool new winter show FROST, and it will be bigger and better than ever!

Use the links below to vote for your favorite gingerbread creations.

Important Dates

Drop Off: November 13, from 8am-noon
Display Dates: November 18-December 31
Pick Up: January 2, from 8am-noon

  • Winners will be announced at the end of the show on January 2, 2024.
  • Prizes will include options like: a year membership for Holden Forest and Gardens, a goody basket full of Holden Forests and Gardens swag (plus some extra bonus activities!), and more!

There is a limited capacity, so please only only one entry per household and only sign up if you plan to participate

  • When signing up, you only need to sign up for the number of houses being entered, not the number of people participating.
  • House must be received on a flat base that is between 1/4” – 3/4” thick (preferably plywood). The bases will be discarded along
    with the house should it not be picked up by the deadline.
  • The base should be painted, decorated to create a complementary scene, or covered with foil
  • The base for your house should be between 10”x 10” to 15”x 24”
  • Drop Off and Pick Up is at the entrance at 11030 East Blvd. between 8am-noon on the designated dates only
  • Houses not picked up by noon on their designated Pick Up date will be discarded
  • When dropping off your house, the Entry Form must be included
  • Holden Forests & Gardens does not guarantee the safety or security of entries and cannot be held responsible for damages
    incurred during exhibition

Holden Forests & Gardens reserves the right to:

  • Refuse any entry it deems inappropriate for display
  • Photograph and use images of any or all entries for purposes of promotion

  • Overall appearance
  • Originality/creativity
  • Difficulty
  • Precision
  • Consistency of theme

Questions? Please contact Anita Burton at [email protected]


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