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Beauty View Finder

January 20, 2021


Spring has sprung.

Time to get outside and explore. Make a simple Beauty View Finder and walk out the door to see what you can find.


Step 1 Make a Beauty View Finder

  • Print off the attached Beauty View Finder (or make your own)
  • Glue it to a stiffer piece of cardstock, cardboard or whatever you can find
  • Cut out the rectangle in the middle so it makes a fame that you can see through

Step 2 Go Outside

  • Take the Beauty View Finder outside
  • Stand in your yard and hold the Beauty View Finder with your arms fully extended
  • Look through the opening. What do you see? Do you like it?
  • Make a slow circle holding the Finder at arm’s length. Can you find something you like more?
  • Change locations. Look up, down and all around until you find your most beautiful view

Step 3 Share Your Most Beautiful View

  • Share your view with other members of your family
  • Have everyone take a turn and find their favorite view
  • Share it with us by posting it with the hashtag #neighborswithnature and #natureplaysaturday

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