Arlene and Arthur S. Holden Jr. Butterfly Garden

See the wonders of nature at work.

The Holden Butterfly Garden is a haven for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds—not to mention the visitors who are drawn to its soothing tranquility. Two placid ponds are surrounded by a lush garden, filled with summer blooming plants that attract vital pollinators.

Whether visitors are tracking butterflies and breathtaking blossoms or in search of techniques to attract pollinators to their own spaces, a how-to brochure, resource brochure highlighting all of the host plants in the garden, and a smartphone tour provide a deeper understanding of the insects that help this garden thrive and the role we can play to support their important work.

You can find the Butterfly Garden located behind the Corning Visitor Center. Peak bloom is in July and August.

Resources to Guide your Butterfly Garden Experience

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