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Small Department, Big Services

The Holden Arboretum Police Department offers a unique work experience. While we answer calls for service, manage public safety, and provide mutual aid to our neighboring law enforcement partners and fire departments, much of our time also focuses on our customers. Whether it’s helping our members and guests with their visit or working with Arboretum staff to provide the best service possible, what truly makes HAPD unique is the natural environment we operate in. With hundreds of acres of property and miles of trail to patrol, what other police department can boast the scenery that we have to offer?

“We shall carry out our duties with humility, compassion and reverence to human life while helping people connect to the wonder, beauty and value of trees and plants.”

And while our small size gives the department a small-town feel, our size doesn’t limit what we provide our officers. At HAPD we outfit all officers with full uniforms, protective vests, duty rig and gear without cost to the officer. Training? We have you covered there as well. At HAPD we strive to provide the officers the training they need to help them perform their duties effectively and efficiently. From annual Use of Force training to Crisis Intervention Team certification, we don’t allow our small size to limit the training provided.

About Us

Our History

The Holden Arboretum had its first police force in 1974, but it wasn’t until 1999 that we were fully commissioned as a police department under Ohio law.

As a private police force, our authority derives from Ohio Revised Code 1702.80 which allows non-profit organizations to create their own police departments.

We are beholden to the same standards and training as any other police department in the state of Ohio with the same powers to arrest, charge, issue citations.


The Holden Arboretum Police Department is accredited through the state with certification in all standards for Groups 1 through 4 of the Ohio Collaborative. HAPD Officers additionally receive training and certification through the state as Crisis Intervention Team members.

To Serve & Protect

At HAPD, we don’t just say these words, we live them.  With over 3600 acres (spread across three counties) owned by the organization, including some of the most unique natural areas in the state, we provide services that help to ensure the proper stewardship of these natural areas.

Want to learn more?

Contact the Holden Arboretum
Police Department
(440) 478-1291

or contact Chief Seán O’Neil
[email protected]
(440) 602-3846

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