Virtual Insiders

Join us for an “insiders” discussion on leading HF&G programs advancing our mission in NEO.

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Fri., Sep. 25, 2020 9-10:30 am

Town Hall

How has Holden Forests & Gardens done this past fiscal year? Jill Koski and Tom Anderson will discuss how Holden Forests & Gardens is advancing its strategic plan, how the organization has pivoted and responded to the pandemic, and how HF&G is managing financial implications to best rebound in the post-pandemic world.

Presented by: President and CEO Jill Koski and Board Chair Tom Anderson

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Thu., Oct. 15, 2020 4-5 pm

Conservation & Community Forestry

This talk will explore Holden’s work to protect and enhance plant and animal biodiversity and catalyze action for environmental stewardship of forests in rural and urban communities alike.

Presented by: VP of Science and Conservation David Burke with Director of Community Forestry and Conservation Courtney Blashka

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Thu., Nov. 5, 2020 9-10 am

Horticulture & Collections

At the heart of HF&G are the Living Plant Collections represented across two campuses distinguished by landscape and microclimate. Join Caroline and Roger on a journey through beauty and wonder via an urban oasis and rural retreat. Meet the teams who weave the design and care for these valuable plant assets into their everyday working lives to bring you a joyful experience.

Presented by: VP of Horticulture and Collections Caroline Tait with Curator of Living Collections and Land Assets, Holden Fellow Roger Gettig

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Wed., Nov. 18, 2020 4-5 pm

Research at a Public Garden

Holden scientists Katie Stuble and Na Wei, joined by David Burke, will explore the perks of doing science at a public garden, discussing their own experiences researching Holden’s natural areas and plant collections to understand how plants shape, and are shaped by our natural world.

Presented by: VP of Science and Conservation David Burke with Plant Biologist Katie Stuble and Research Scientist Na Wei

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Tue., Dec. 15, 2020 4-5 pm

Changing Face of Education

Plants constantly grow and adapt to their changing environment. The ways we engage and educate people are no different. Hear how HF&G’s education team has entered the virtual realm, changed what we do on our grounds, and our plans on reaching out to new audiences in new ways.

Presented by: Chief of Education & Guest Experience, Deputy Director Joel Alpern with Director of Education Sharon Graper and Associate Director of Public Programs Ellie Rial

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Fri., Jan. 15, 2021 9-10 am

Reimagining HF&G’s Community Partnerships

Holden Forests & Gardens has a rich history of community gardening, but we have work to do to make our programs truly inclusive. How can we realize our vision of transforming ALL communities into places where trees, plants, and people thrive? Hear about new directions for our Green Corps program and how we’re engaging with new audiences through partnership.

Presented by: Director of Community Partnerships Sandra Albro

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Questions: Call VP of Development Debbie Miller at 216-707-2807.

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