Claudia Bashian-Victoroff, MS

Research Specialist

Soil Ecology


  • M.S | 2020 | SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Forest Pathology and Mycology
  • B.S | 2017 | Loyola University, Environmental Science

Research Interests

I am a fungal ecologist focused on connections between soil fungi and tree health. My research couples field collections with modern molecular identification methods to investigate ectomycorrhizal species diversity and function. As a research specialist in Dr. David Burke’s lab at the Holden Arboretum, I support research on soil ecology and forest pathology. Currently, I focus on the role of soil fungi in urban canopy restoration in Cleveland, OH. Trees growing in urbanized environments are subject to pressures such as habitat fragmentation, exposure to heavy metals, and soil compaction. Mycorrhizal fungi can enhance plant growth, disease resistance, and drought tolerance; therefore, it is necessary that we establish a better understanding of how these fungi might improve outcomes of urban restoration efforts. Beyond this, I enjoy discussing the importance of fungal research and conservation with diverse audiences through teaching, writing, and mentorship.

Select Publications

  • Claudia Bashian-Victoroff Select Publications Bashian-Victoroff CN, Brown A, Loyd AL, Carrino-Kyker SR, and Burke DJ (2023) Beech leaf disease severity affects ectomycorrhizal colonization and fungal taxa composition. Journal of Fungi, 2023, 9, 497.


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