The Rainy Day Mud Club

NEW Rainy day activities
at Holden Forests & Gardens

Spend your rainy days at Holden Arboretum or Cleveland Botanical Garden to become an official member of this not-very-exclusive club. With our self-guided Rainy Day activities, it’s sure to bring out the kid in all of us. (P.S. you might want to bring a change of clothes.)

By the way, you’ll instantly receive a Rainy Day Mud Club membership punch card on arrival. With each visit, you’ll get one step closer to earning a great prize.

Check out the list of activities below.

Puddle Parties

Every rainy day is a puddle party at both our locations. So bring your umbrellas and galoshes and splash everywhere you go.

Rain Dancing

Share a video of you and your family “getting down during a downpour” at either location and tag us in your post.

Sounds of Rain

When raindrops meet our leaves, it’s like a symphony of nature. Come and enjoy the pure music of the wild as you walk through our grounds.

Wacky Umbrella Photos

We want to see your craziest, most colorful umbrella and rain boots on a rainy day. And please make sure you tag us when you share on Instagram.

Family Story Time

Stop by our Corning Library in the Holden Arboretum’s Visitor Center to make your own story time with books specially curated by our HF&G librarian. The library is open during regular Arboretum open hours.

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