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Parrotia subaequalis (Chinese parrotia)

Parrotia subaequalis

According to Klyn Nursery, “This Chinese form of Parrotia is extremely rare in its native habitat with no more than 100 reproductive individuals in the wildClosely related to Parrotia persicaP. subequalis is more compact while boasting an even showier bark than its more popular cousin. Throughout the growing season this tree is covered in attractive deep green leaves that tend to have a striking purple margin but it is really its fall and winter performance that steals the show. The fall color is spectacular including shades of reds, pinks, burgundy, yellow, and can sometimes even last up to a month. Once the leaves drop the attention turns to the bark which develops a speckled appearance of greens and grays as the tree matures. Red flowers appear in late winter to early spring before the leaves emerge, they are not particularly showy but can give the branches a red hue in the otherwise dormant landscape. This tree can take full sun to part shade, even tolerating dappled shade other more mature specimens and appreciates medium to dry soils. “

Light: Part Sun

Size: 25 feet

Value: Bark, Flower

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