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Coreopsis tripteris ‘Gold Standard’ (tall tickseed)

Coreopsis tripteris ‘Gold Standard’

Although a shorter version of the straight species, at nearly 6 feet tall, ‘Gold Standard’ is still a large and lofty plant with strong stems and upright blue-green foliage that yield a bounty of bright and fragrant lemon-yellow daisies in late summer. This shorter form of C. tripteris not only produces more flowers, but also has an extended bloom period of up to 6 weeks. Extremely disease resistant, ‘Gold Standard’ prefers to grow in full sun and dry to medium well-drained soil. Suggested companion plants include Vernonia (ironweed), Symphyotrichum laeve (smooth blue aster) Schizachyrium scoparium (little bluestem).

[Photo: Coreopsis_tripteris_’Flower_Tower’_Tall_Tickseed_(48861719352); Credit: cultivar413 from Fallbrook, California, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons] 

Bloom Color: Yellow

Light: Full Sun

Moisture Needs: Average, Dry, Well-Drained

Size: 5-6 feet

Value: Native

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