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Carya laciniosa (shellbark hickory)

Carya laciniosa

According to Klyn Nursery, “This is the largest of the true hickories. Its nut is larger than Shagbark Hickory and is both sweet and edible—and is also quite attractive to a variety of wildlife. It produces both male and female flowers, so no pollinator is needed, though additional trees will help with nut production. Additionally, its bark is similar to that of the Shagbark, though Shellbark’s exfoliation is less pronounced.  The wood is hard, heavy, strong, and very flexible.  The tree can be tapped in spring, and the sap can be boiled down into a syrup and used like maple syrup. This Ohio native is a fast grower, does well in both full sun and part shade, and is found in the moist, fertile soils of floodplains and bottomlands. It also tolerates cohabitation with black walnuts.” Leaves turn yellow to golden brown in fall. Ohio Native 

 [Photo: Carya_laciniosa_(Shellbark_Hickory)_(33645990633); Credit:  Plant Image Library from Boston, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons]  

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