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It’s Poppin’: March 31st

March 31, 2023


Daffodil Blooms Arrive!

Our long steady march to spring flowers is continuing!  Fortunately, this is the first week in a while where we didn’t see any significant snow.  Plenty of rain and warmer temperatures have brought several new plants into bloom at both campuses.  I see relatively cool temperatures in the forecast, which bodes well for us having a spectacular displays in the weeks to come.  This week, be sure to visit to see what’s poppin’ right now, including many different daffodils at both campuses.

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Narcissus romieuxii

In the Restorative Garden, there are many bloomers starting to appear- it’s a great place to take a friend and look closely and see who can find the most blooms.  The daffodils at the garden are really starting to put on a show this week. A trip down white oak walk past the Children’s Garden will reward you.  See if you can spot the extra special Romieux hoop petticoat daffodil, Narcissus romieuxii, a species from the mountains of northwest Africa.  You’ll find an entire bed of blooming daffodils in the Sunken Garden along the wall underneath Woodland Hall.  There is also quite a nice display of daffodils and hyacinths on the northern end of the Geis Terrace.  

The Lenten rose, also known as hellebores, are in absolute peak condition.  The cultivar ‘Golden Lotus’ in the restorative garden is particularly nice with its multiple yellow petals tinged with a deep plum outlining the margins.  Finally, visit the Western Reserve Herb Society Garden and take a peak in the small courtyard that is just outside the giftshop.  You’ll see the amazing “bird-in-a-bush”, Corydalis solida, shining its magenta, bilaterally symmetrical flowers in this quiet, hidden space.  Tulips are up and in bud – it won’t be too much longer before they all burst!


Holden Arboretum

There are several new blooms this week to find.  The squills, genus Scilla, hail from Europe, the middle east and north Africa. Scilla forebesii ‘Blue Giant’ is showing off its blue lily-like flowers with white throats in the beds adjacent to the main parking areas.  A second, Scilla mischtschenkoana (say that 10 times fast!), the early squill, has stunning white flowers with radiating blue lines and light yellow anthers. Look for it in the Layer Rhododendron Garden.

Daffodils are also out in force at the arboretum.  Find Narcissus ‘Topolino’ in front of the Corning Visitor Center, and Narcissus ‘February Gold’ in the Display Garden.  More Grecian windflowers are now in bloom – these tiny little purple daisy-like flowers can also be spotted in the front of the visitor center where our tram normally parks during summer. Finally, look for spring meadow saffron near the visitor center amphitheater.

Looking at the forecast, the next few days will be a great time to look for daffodils and other favorites at both campuses. Pick sunny days to get photos with bright and bold color, or cloudy days to illustrate the soft and delicate nature of our flowers.  But get out there before it’s too late- It’s poppin’!

Thomas Arbour

Thomas Arbour

Curator of Living Collections

I grew up in northeast Ohio, graduating from Stow High School. I attended Hiram College, where I learned to love plants through the mentoring of Dr. Matt Hils. After Hiram, I obtained a Master of Environmental Science at Miami University, completing an internship with The ODNR Division of Natural Areas and Preserves in Columbus to help convert the Ohio Natural Heritage Database from paper maps to a GIS-based system. Over 20+ years, I worked with ODNR in central office in Columbus as a rare plant botanist, wildlife research technician, nature preserves administrator, and finally, the state trails administrator. In these positions, I had the opportunity to document many of Ohio's rarest plants and plant communities.

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