Kalberer Emergent Tower

Holden Arboretum

OpenTue., Oct. 4, 2022

Experience the forest from a new perspective this summer. The Emergent Tower is 120 feet or approximately 12 stories tall and provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding area all the way to Lake Erie.

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Murch Canopy Walk

OpenTue., Oct. 4, 2022

The Murch Canopy Walk invites guests on a 500-foot-long elevated walkway that is built 65 feet above the forest floor. This immersive experience takes guests in and out of the forest canopy to experience everything from the middle of a mature forest to a raised view of streams and the forest floor. ]

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Tram Tours

These 45-minute tours will give guests an overview of the campus and gardens, with a focus on seasonal highlights. You may also learn a little history and information about the scientific work that happens behind the scenes.

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The Ron and Lydia Harrington Perennial Playspace

OpenTue., Oct. 4, 2022

Now open! The Cleveland Botanical Garden announces a new permanent exhibit overlooking the towering plants and trees in the Glasshouses that will engage young and old.

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The Rainy Day Mud Club

Spend your rainy days at Holden Arboretum or Cleveland Botanical Garden to become an official member of this not-very-exclusive club. With our self-guided Rainy Day activities, it’s sure to bring out the kid in all of us. (P.S. you might want to bring a change of clothes.) By the way, you’ll instantly receive a Rainy… »

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Return of the Butterflies

OpenTue., Oct. 4, 2022

You will be greeted with a stunning array of nearly 10 species of butterflies in the Costa Rica Glasshouse. To celebrate the arrival of spring in a big way, Holden Forests & Gardens presents Return of the Butterflies at the Cleveland Botanical Garden – a visual treat with more than 600 newly emerged butterflies in the Costa Rica biome. The butterflies in the Costa Rica biome will bring the Glasshouse to life—amazing, colorful, moving, exhilarating life and you’ll see them actively searching for nectar as food sources, flying around.

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Hershey Children’s Garden

OpenTue., Oct. 4, 2022

As they explore plant and animal life, they’ll have a new appreciation for the environment. They can become immersed in hands-on activities like observing honeybees in their hive, searching for fish, frogs, and turtles in the pond, learning how to care for plants with our water pump, and so much more! The Hershey Children’s Garden will be open to the public April 16th.  

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