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It is obvious that healthy trees beautify our urban environment, but did you know they also provide numerous environmental, economic, social and health benefits that make our communities more livable? Research by the USDA Forest Service shows that for every $1 spent on urban trees, $2.70 in benefits is returned. Invest in planting and caring for trees so they continue to provide benefits for years to come.

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Tree Care Toolkit: How to Plant a Tree

Imagine that there was one thing that you could do today that could mitigate climate change, nurture wildlife, and bring health and beauty to your community.  Planting a tree does this and more, and it all begins with giving a tree the best start possible. Here are planting tips, tools, and steps to set you and your tree up for success.


Summer Tree Care Tips: Watering

Did you plant a new tree earlier this spring?  Is it showing signs of transplant stress such as wilting or browning or curling leaves, drooping foliage or early fall color? Does the surrounding soil surrounding the trunk look like the surface of the moon?

If so, it’s likely that it is not be receiving adequate water.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Mulching

Summer and early fall is a great time to mulch a newly planted tree or refresh the mulch around existing trees.


About the Tree Resources Series

Trees protect, nurture, inspire and heal us… there are so many ways to protect, nurture, enjoy and keep them healthy in return. Whether you are considering planting your first tree or need to brush up on your mature-tree care, we’ve got you covered! Check out all the Benefits of Trees and how to calculate them, our Tree Care Toolkit for arbor-care resources, or the Tree Selection Guide for information about what tree is right for you.

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