Mapping Residential LandscapesMapping Residential Landscapes : Part II


Tue., May. 18, 2021, 6:00 PM-7:30 PM

Adult - Beginner, Adult - Intermediate, Adult - Advanced

Part II only: $10 per person

Whether you are building a new home or planning to improve an existing garden or landscape, landscape mapping is an important tool for assessing your property and ensuring the long-term success of your project.

Part II (Part I not required): Do you remember what plants you planted in your garden last year?  Do you love one so much you want to get more of it but you can’t remember the name of the plant? Keeping a record of your gardening activities builds a treasure trove of knowledge.  In this program we will discuss the value of keeping a record and what types of information might be useful to know for the future.  Whether you want to design new gardens, refurbish old ones or just let your friend know what the name of that beautiful plant they have been admiring, a garden journal will be a useful tool for that and much more.

Part I will take place at the Long Science Center on the Holden Arboretum Campus. Part II is a virtual presentation via Zoom. Registration for Part I is limited and includes Part II. Registration for Part II can be purchased on its own for those interested but unable to attend the first portion. 

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Greg Wright

Nursery Supervisor

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