Growing Black Roots: The Black Botanical LegacyFrom Seeds of Inspiration to a Harvest of Discovery


Wed., Mar. 10, 2021


The cultivation of an integrated career in plant biology, education and service requires planning, strategic and intentional engagement of mentors, and career envisioning.

In this talk, Dr. Montgomery will describe her path to date, which has included key branch points that have advanced her core research in photobiology of plants, while providing complementary opportunities to acquire new skills and integrate engagement in scholarship on mentoring and leadership.

Beronda Montgomery, PhD

Beronda Montgomery, PhD

Foundation Professor at Michigan State University

Dr. Montgomery’s research seeks to understand how organisms perceive and respond to their environment, especially focused on the complex way in which photosynthetic organisms respond to light. Her work uses cyanobacteria, Arabidopsis and other plants, to elucidate the complex molecular mechanisms that underlie plant utilization and responses to light, including the role of signaling mechanisms in stress responses. Her work on plant pigments such as biliprotein phytochrome seeks to uncover the molecular mechanisms that operate in different organs of the plant, revealing the processes by which the light environment where plants grow shapes their growth processes and stress-responses. Dr. Montgomery has an equal depth of research on cultural aspects of science, with a focus on revealing the factors that promote recruitment and retention of a diverse STEM workforce in Higher Education. As part of her commitment to research mentorship, she served as a Research and Scholarship Node Leader in the Michigan State University’s Academic Advancement Network for four years, which seeks to support academic advancement for academics at any career stage. She continues contributing to these efforts as the current interim Assistant Vice President for Research and Innovation at MSU.

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