School Trips

Ecosystem Interactions – Food Chains & Food Webs

Cleveland Botanical Garden

September through mid-November; April through May

Grades 4-5

$8.00 per student. One free adult per five students, additional adults are $8.00.

During this hands-on experience, learners will explore how organisms interact and ultimately obtain energy from the sun. After reviewing the roles of producers, consumers, and decomposers, students will create a life-sized food web to illustrate energy flow through an ecosystem. Then, we will visit the Madagascar and Costa Rica glasshouses – and weather permitting the outdoor gardens – to observe food webs in action.

1.5 hours

Maximum of 60 students per time slot. $8 per student. One adult chaperone required per 10 students(free). One adult per five students admitted free; additional adults are $8.00 per person.

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