School Trips

Butterflies in the Garden

Cleveland Botanical Garden

PK - 3rd

$7.00 per student. One free adult per five students, additional adults are $7.00.

Observe live butterflies in the Costa Rica glasshouse while exploring the wondrous life of a butterfly. Guided discussions about metamorphosis help learners discover how plants play an important role in the lives of these interesting insects.

1.5 hours

Maximum of 60 students per time slot. $7 per student. One adult chaperone required per 10 students (free). One adult per five students admitted free; additional adults are $7.00 per person.

PK-1st grade:

Butterflies and plants are living things


Butterflies and plants have different roles within the habitat they share


Butterflies and plants change as they move through their lifecycles

For blended groups who would like to include their higher grade-level learners in the same session: we will provide opportunities for more in-depth focus on adaptations and ecosystem interactions and application of scientific knowledge gained in earlier grades.

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