Black Botanists: Building a Legacy in Your Classroom 


Adult - Beginner, Adult - Intermediate, Adult - Advanced

$115 (non-graduate credit), $230 (graduate credit through Lake Erie College)

Diversity is an important concept in the natural world and in the scientific field.

Learn how to incorporate the Growing Black Roots: The Black Botanical Legacy lecture series developed by Holden Forests & Gardens and Black Botanist Week Committee into your classroom to address topics in science, social studies, diversity, careers and environmental justice. The free resources in this project support teachers in incorporating the lecture series into their classroom curriculums. There is a set of unique activities that correspond to each lecture. The activities are targeted at middle/ high school and are to be used after the lectures are viewed. They are interdisciplinary in nature with science, social studies, math, language arts and career connections. The activities are divided into three sections, Comprehend and Connect, To Do, and Follow Up. This variety of options allow you to tailor your connection to the lectures in the way that best enables you to meet your goals and objectives.

Workshops take place virtually on Tuesday July 11, Tuesday July 18, and Tuesday July 25 from 9 am – noon. The registration fee includes all three sessions. Please email with any questions.

Register for non-graduate credit through HF&G ($115 per teacher)

When selecting non-graduate credit, please only register for the July 11 session since the fee includes all three sessions.

Register for graduate credit through Lake Erie College ($230 per teacher)

To register for graduate credit with Lake Erie College, you will need to create an account on their website.

Sharon Graper

Director of Education

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